Dinosaurs never die
Just look around you


Too often today …

We label dinosaurs failures.

But hear me out:

Dinosaurs dominated terrestrial ecosystems for 190 million of the approximately 440 million years life has been present on earth. That’s not bad. Especially when you consider the iPhone is barely over a decade old. 1 decade = 1/10th of a century = 1/1000th of a millennium = an infinitesimal sliver of time = you get me drift.

Dinosaurs in many ways may be the biggest success story in the history of the earth. And don’t count us out just yet. Did you know that bird species outnumber mammals 2 to 1. And that’s right, you guessed it.

Dinosaurs are the ancestors to modern-day birds.

Every kingfisher and nuthatch you see has the heart of a dinosaur.