What We Do

Granted, it was a bizarre time. People actually had to talk to each other face to face. And there were only three channels on the TV. As unpleasant as that sounds, somehow it worked (although I have my doubts).

But how exactly did people survive (even thrive) before phones? Our podcast explores the latest discoveries about the Pre-Phone era, including interviews with its survivors, the latest archeological finds and other innovative research techniques.

Mysteries We Explore

Here at Before Phones, we dedicate ourselves to trying to understand the cryptic pre-phone era. Unresolved questions include:

  • How people drove without texting?
  • What is was like to have only 24 photos to a roll?
  • How people (dinosaurs) coped with the boredom?

Our Goal

The pre-phone era also had its charm (so they say). Our goal is to understand how society worked without everyone staring at their phone all day (and night).

  • To inform, inspire and educate about the pre-phone era
  • Feature guests from the Before Phone (BP) era
  • Continuously improve our understanding of phonelessness