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You have entered “Before Phones (BP) – Where the dinosaurs roam.”

What exactly (and where) is Before Phones (BP)?

It was the geologic/sociological pre-phone epoch – a time of Great Phonelessness. Incredibly, people (dinosaurs) somehow managed to survive, even thrive. But how?

This website is a think tank …

Where we go on deep archaeological expeditions in attempt to uncover evidence of the mythical Without Phone era, including interviews with its survivors, bizarre stories of how pre-phone society worked, and other experimental techniques.

So come on in and grab a seat …

And find out more what the Great Phonelessness was all about.

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About Before Phones

January 9, 2021

It was an era of Great Phonelessness. And quite frankly, an era that we unceremoniously left behind. But are there lessons from the Before Phone (BP) era that are worthwhile to retell? This video introduces the bizarre era and idea of discussing what people (dinosaurs) did before phones.

Interview with a dinosaur

November 8, 2020

Your brave (and quite frankly “very scared”) host Bob, interviews a real live dinosaur who lived through the Before Phones (BP) era. How was this even possible? Bob explores the ins and outs of living through the era of Great Phonelessness, and in the process prays to his lucky stars that he doesn’t get eaten. Fortunately Steve the Dinosaur is a vegetarian.

Prehistoric Podcast

Phone-eating dino
But why he (probably) won't eat yours

Why does Dino eat smart phones?

Let’s just say – it’s complicated.

Don’t be afraid – Dino (probably) won’t eat your phone

For one, he’s just hungry and not only are phones very abundant in the After Phone (AP) era – nobody else is eating them. Another reason: Dino craves the chance and will do anything to get back to the geologic epoch known as Before Phone (BP). The way he sees it – the more phones he eats the greater chance he has to recreate the “pre-phones” conditions of the period during which he thrived. It was a time of Great Phonelesslness. Why else does Dino eat phones? In a word, Boogie. Dino has a evolutionary-refined sense of smell for the dreaded Boogie Phone.


What is the Boogie Phone?

Or rather who is the Boogie Phone. Let’s just say he’s always lurking. And usually closer than you think. Click here to find out more, or simply read the post below. And most of all don’t forget to listen to what Dino has to say in video above.

Dinosaur test
For determining if you're a dinosaur

What’s the test …

For knowing your a dinosaur?

Probably the first is just missing something you “used to do” in the Before Phone (BP) era. That would be something as simple as writing a letter, or more complex like your sense of place, or a loss of the hobbies or other good habits you used to keep.

What we can say is that you know a dinosaur when you see one.

In that respect, Buck Buckner passes the dinosaur test.

Find out more about Buck at


Introducing Dino
The phone-eating dino

If you thought a T-Rex was scary …

How about a phone-eating dinosaur?

Other than that one quirk, Dino the Dinosaur has a heart of gold. And the only reason he eats phones (and not berries or nuts) is that the birds and the squirrels are too fast for him to compete. It doesn’t hurt that no other animal seems to be targeting smart phones, plus the fact that they are super plentiful, and people are super tuned out when they are using them in public.

Dino may actually be doing them a favor by eating their phone.

Although that’s probably looking at the long-view.

Usually in the short term they are super freaked out.

Dinosaur Diary


Dino the T-Rex waxes poetic about the pre-phone era, and in doing so, touching on the many forgotten virtues of phonelessness and what we left behind.


Here at Before Phones, we dedicate ourselves to trying to understand the cryptic pre-phone era. Find out more in our About section.


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